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We are spending over 8 years of developing our business without paying money for advertising and over 6 years with no marketing at all. It is simply about trust, re-introduction of the customers who have experienced in the proffesional service and the perfect after-sale service of Mona Media. By referencing completed websites, you will easily know our target and project segment, meticulousness, completeness, aesthetic, technology selection and the perfect after-sale service which are the assential criteria in the segment of premium website/ sofware / advanced application.

With over 450 customers in the past 8 years, Mona Media’s web programing services are proud to affirm that we bring the absolute satisfactionto our customers. We just carry out the projects which are invested by their owners - the value, influnence to the businesses. We do not make cheap, low-quality websites which is useless to our customers. Mona Media proud to have contributed directly to the success of many companies in Vietnam.

Mona Media commit 100% refund. We understand the value of difference that every entrepreneur need to express himself, every website must represent the profession, creativity, prestige in every single of word and image.

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We Offer Digital Solutions

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Responsive & SEO optimization

Mona does not make cheap website design projects, poor quality on the availably template. We commit 100% refund if Website interface is used. Clients in collaboration with Mona Media will receive a professional consultation from concept analysis, interface design to website design, responsive design, ultimate guide, SEO, online marketing. We also report to our clientson specific stage of the project.
Mona Media is a high responsible company. Each employee is a specialist in each domain.
Mona does not have any sale staff so that we do not develope junky website.

C# .NET analysis

Software, Web application

The most important note: web-app is a term to describe the enterprise management software running on the website platform. This word is often mistaken for the Web app mobile app (which is called the Hybird app, not the web-app).
Mona Media offers a solution for your company with a tool of web-based software designed specifically for your business and future orientation. We do not sell a cumbersome and unmanageable software package, we make private and unique software for different each of business. We rely on budget, strategic orientation for short-term and long-term business development, Mona Media experts will help clientsunderstand the combination of minimizing all risks during time-using.
Applying software to management and production is an inevitable trend of business development. You can not ignore it if you want to compete with your competitors and cut down on management costs as well as minimize the risk of mistakes in traditionl humanity management.

IOS Swift Android Java

IOS & Android
smartphone application

Mobile application is an indispensable trend which every company wants to lead in their field that can not be ignored. However, since the field is relatively new, most of the products are not yet in high demand.
Mona Media is specialized in programming and designing mobile app for the top foreign corporations, enterprises, “start-up” companies in the field of technology so our products make sure to be smooth and perfect. We have two segments : Android App and iOS App.
Mobile application programming is quite costly and time consuming because the process of creating a complete product requires supporting from many different domains. Mona Media has enough resources with a high degree of specialization which is capable of developing the most complete phone application.

HTML CSS Javascript

Even WordPress

Hello colleagues, you are probably feel no strange to outsourcing, the top development trend in the past decade. The combination of companies in the same field contributes to reducing the burden of staff, infrastructure costs for each business. Coming to Mona Media, we are confident to meet all your requirements in parallel with technical support consultancy for domestic and foreign products. Mona Media commits to quality, time, warranty, confidential information for all applications, software, website.


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